about wooda

Wooda is an old farm settlement dating back to 1317.

The nature of its landscape – it rises steeply over 150ft from the bottom of the valley to the top field – is such that it can only be farmed in a non-intensive way. Since 1999 it has been registered organic and certified annually by the Soil Association. This means that artificial fertilisers and pesticides are never used on the land and the livestock are cared for without any routine use of drugs.


The land at Wooda currently extends to 20 acres, about 15 of pasture and 5 made up of woodland, orchards and wetland by the stream.  The pasture is home to our horses and the flock of 24 sheep with their lambs. The woodland is home to badgers, deer, foxes, squirrels, rabbits and bats as well as over 30 species of birds and a tremendous variety of plant and insect life. Wooda is part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme which provides support to maintain our hedgerows and other habitats for the benefit of wildlife. The old apple orchard is being restored and extended.


We have been busy recently improving the kitchen garden at the back of the farmhouse by creating terraces cut into the steep hillside, and on these we are now growing all kinds of vegetables, soft fruit and herbs.


Our work on the farm is about making as much as we can from the resources that we have, working with nature rather than exploiting her. We passionately believe in the benefits of organic farming on the grounds of health, taste and the environment, and we are committed to bringing these benefits to as many people as possible.

wooda sustainability

A small 6kw wind turbine was erected in the top field in 2003 to supply the farm with electricity.

This is a grid-connected system whereby in times of high winds (and there are plenty of them coming in from the Atlantic) we export to the National Grid and on calmer days we import.

Water is supplied from a natural spring.

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