our produce

At wooda we produce:

  • organic eggs
  • organic lamb and mutton
  • organic wool and blankets
  • organic vegetables
  • organic apples
  • organic apple juice
  • jams and chutneys using organic fruit and veg
  • wines and beers using organic ingredients
  • electricity
  • water

Our lamb and mutton is sold locally and to order anywhere in the UK, cut to your requirements from £7.50 per kilo plus delivery.

In the words of Matthew Fort, cook and restaurant reviewer in The Guardian….

“Mutton is one of the forgotten masterpieces of British protein production….mutton has a broad, rollicking, rolling, ripping, roistering flavour. It has texture and heft. Mutton is mighty; mighty good, mighty delicious, mighty mighty.”

….so what are you waiting for? For more information on any of our produce, including prices and availability, please call
01840 230140 or email us.

our animals

Our sheep are home-bred Suffolk crosses. Each ewe is known individually and named after a river. They feed exclusively on our own grass, herbs and wildflowers, with some extra organic feed at lambing time. This is in early April.

Cal is the strong and friendly cob who will soon be trained to work in the fields. A mule called Morgan - half Dartmoor pony half donkey - keeps him company.

A flock of Maran and Black Rock hens roam freely around the farm.

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