stay and work

Wooda has been developed as the ideal spot for hatching projects; a place for creative people to come and work away from their usual routine, where distractions are few and the focus is clear.

Whether you are a group working on a collective project, a company blue sky thinking, a workshop leader or an individual, our accommodation and workspaces provide the facilities and backdrop for a truly creative surge.

Wooda has been a place of work for seven hundred years; a small farm where food is produced, livestock cared for and seasonal life observed. It has always been important for us to continue this tradition, and by converting the land to organic production and protecting its biodiversity we are doing just that.

In converting the barn and stable into workspaces, we aim to encourage a similar diversity amongst artists, and provide all creative thinkers – at work and over the dinner table – with a place where new ideas take root and projects hatch.

wooda workspaces

The barn is an inspirational space, adaptable and yet simple, with good acoustics and good light; an empty space rich in possibility.

The stable is designed as an artist's retreat, a smaller, more contemplative space with wonderful views.

The workspaces can be hired separately or together, with self-catering or house guest accommodation depending on the size of your group.

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